MERAKI are editorial stories with a strong visual component, a minimalist design and a personalized approach that tells an experience. A different and exclusive way to promote brands, people, companies and destinations that make us dream.

This innovative project was born in May 2020 by journalist and editorial director Carla Branco, but currently has a team of experienced professionals – journalists, travel editors, photographers, hoteliers and food critics who travel the world in search of the most exclusive spaces.

And from Portugal it expanded to the world and in a bilingual format. Currently MERAKI is read in over 120 countries and, together with the partner magazine EvoqueMag, is the only Portuguese publication that operates internationally through the main global platforms for Onboard Entertainment: TAP Media, PressReader, Immfly and Adaptive Channel – leaders distribution of newspapers and magazines in major airlines, hotels, cruises, libraries and various institutions, with a reach of more than 6 million readers and views.

These are some of the companies where you can read MERAKI: TAP / Emirates / Turkish Airlines / Qatar Airways British Airways / Iberia / Marriot Hotels / Four Seasons Hotels / MSC Cruises / Yale University / New York Public Library Los Angeles Public Library / MIT Libraries / Public Libraries Singapore (…).

Worldwide Distribution

Meraki is a member of TAP Media, PressReader and Adaptive Channel – World leading platforms on board entertainment with over 100,000 companies and over 6 million views in 120 countries!

Meraki Team

Carla Branco (CEO-Editorial Director) . Agência Analógica (Advertising / Graphic Art) . Rui Prado (Marketing), Ana Ferreira (Content Translation), Margarida Telles (Social Media).  

Meraki is available at:

TAP / Emirates / Turkish Airlines / Qatar Airways / Air France / KLM / British Airways / Iberia / Lufthansa / Easyjet / ANA / Royal Air Marc / Air Canada / Singapore Airlines / Air Australia / Scandinavian Airlines / Marriott Hotels / Four Season Hotels / MSC Cruises / Thalys-Eurostar (TGV)… and many others.

We work with the best brands in the world

Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Four Seasons, Montebelo Hotels, Intercontinental, Club Med, TAP, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Air France, Qatar Airways, British Airways, MSC Cruises, among many others.