Humans & Land

Humans & Land is a sustainable fashion brand created in 2023 by Domenico Vitale, Doug Raboy and Luana Posella with a single objective: to end the culture of waste. The brand was born in New York and is produced in Milan, two of the most important cities in the fashion world.

H&L produces women’s and men’s clothing, timeless pieces, defined cuts, quality in raw materials and a classic elegance that fascinates us and seduces us at first touch with designs made by hand in small batches in Italy, by people who have been dedicated to craft for decades.

The brand has strong ethical principles: the Planet, People and Prosperity, with a part of the profits going to non-profit organizations and charities, thus also contributing to trying to help make the world more beautiful. For now, H&L sells exclusively online in the EU, USA, Dubai and soon will also be available in the UK, Norway and Switzerland.

“Do Good & Look Good” is a motto that we identify with a lot!


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