G.LEM is a brand that cohabits between Barcelona (Spain) and Mbarara (Uganda).

This is a sustainable project that creates unique high-quality, ethnic-inspired pieces, with bold patterns and bright colors that convey the warmth and passion of the people of Africa: dresses, tops, capes and pants form looks with elegance and personality.

EcoVero viscose is a light and silky vegetable fabric, used in all collections, as in terms of production it causes 50% less emissions and consumes half the energy and water.

But this is a brand that goes far beyond fashion, also investing in social impact with the creation of the “G·LEM Fashion School” in Uganda – a free professional training project for local young people without resources in order to support the most vulnerable local community in the city of Mbarara.

For us, this is the future of fashion, brands with a human footprint, in a give and take concept.

By Carla Branco

INFO: https://g-lem.com

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