Brain and Breath

Brain and Breath is a story of sustainability that was born in the north of Portugal by creator Sílvia Alves.

After 30 years of working as a designer in the textile industry and having witnessed the immeasurable amount of raw material waste, Sílvia decided to reuse what the market no longer wanted, to manufacture Brain and Breath products, choosing only national partners to reduce the ecological footprint.

Her philosophy is based on slow living standards, in contact with nature and change, moving us away from a consumerist society. This is also our philosophy and that is why the Brain and Breath concept and pieces really please us.

Kitchen, bathroom, accessories and loungewear collections are available, pieces with a minimalist design and high quality, in calm tones that evoke respect for the planet, innovation and the passion with which each piece is crafted.

By Carla Branco


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