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Nuno Dias is a renowned sales and marketing professional with more than ten years of experience in luxury hotels in Portugal, Spain and Indonesia. He is passionate about what he does, customer-oriented, focused on defining branding strategies and detecting new business opportunities. His strategic vision and, above all, his innate ability to lead teams, has allowed him to develop unrivaled work with the world’s main luxury tourism operators. After four years leading Marketing and Sales at the Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel, he now has a new challenge in Indonesia at the unrivaled Bulgari Hotel in Bali.


My professional inspiration comes from my strong desire to continuously improve and make a positive impact on the companies I work for and the people around me. I am particularly drawn to disruptive individuals and brands that challenge the status quo, strive for innovation, and create groundbreaking solutions. Additionally, I have been dedicating a significant amount of time to developing my leadership skills. I firmly believe that people are a company’s most valuable asset, and it is essential to prioritize their well-being and foster their growth.


The three pillars of my life are my family, friends, and nature. Family has always played a significant role in my life, and now that I have a family of my own, they hold immense importance to me. My wife, Yanel, and my daughter, Chloe, are my greatest motivators, and their love and support drive me to excel both personally and professionally. I also deeply value my friendships, some of which have endured for over 30 years. Although living abroad has limited the time I can spend with them, I cherish the moments we share. Furthermore, I have a profound appreciation for nature, especially the ocean, as I was born near the sea. The beach, the sun, the mountains, and the overall beauty of nature have always held a special place in my heart. It is this connection that led me to choose a career working in resorts located in extraordinary locations, and I find it hard to imagine transitioning back to city life.


If I were not in my current professional field, my second choice would also involve working with people, potentially in a different area of the hospitality industry or entertainment field. As a passionate food enthusiast, owning a restaurant is a dream of mine. I envision opening a Portuguese restaurant abroad, where people can experience the unique fusion of my mom’s cuisine with influences from my travels. Creating a cozy and welcoming space to host friends and provide them with an unforgettable dining experience would be incredibly fulfilling. 


Identifying the three individuals who have had the most impact on my career is challenging, as I have been fortunate to work with numerous exceptional professionals. I continuously strive to learn from them and seek their guidance. However, if I were to highlight a few individuals, I would mention my former leaders Yannis Petrakis for his kindness, Michael Wieser for his determination, and my current General Manager, Anthony Smekens, for his optimistic outlook on life. However, it is essential to note that not only the positive influences shape our growth but also the negative ones. They contribute to building resilience and often remind me of the person I do not wish to become.


Aside from my professional work, my main hobby is spending time with my daughter, Chloe. Every moment with her is precious, and I consider it a true blessing to witness her growth and development. Additionally, I have a passion for sports. Although I may not be very good at it (lol), I love playing tennis paddle and surfing. Now in Bali, I’m also fortunate to start my day with a swim in the morning which is super reinvigorating.


If I were to embark on a trip today, I would choose to explore Japan. Currently writing this note from the 45th floor of the Bulgari Hotel Tokyo, overlooking the Imperial Palace and the city skyline, I am captivated by the beauty and allure of Tokyo. Its stunning architecture, impeccable organization, cleanliness, outstanding cuisine, and the contrasting blend of decadence and bohemian spirit have left me in awe. The vibrant social scene further adds to the city’s charm, making it an irresistible destination. On my next visit, I would also love to explore Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara to delve deeper into Japan’s rich culture and history.

By Edgar Correia


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