Essque Zalu – To the sensual rhythm of Africa

Essque Zalu is a majestic resort that honors African tradition and, as we get to know it more deeply, we discover secrets of a bold and surprising concept. Well-being, gastronomy, team and unique spaces that stand out for their professionalism and generosity. Contemporary luxury with a true sense of place.

This was our first resort experience in Zanzibar and this is how we will remember it forever. When we enter, we are surprised by the elegant lobby, covered by a traditional African thatched roof (Makuti) over 60 meters high, being the highest in Zanzibar, an incredible work! Ahead of us, we discover the beautiful view of the northeast coast of the island: on one side, the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, on the other, the verdant forest and tropical gardens.

Essque Zalu opened in 2011 by Italian businessmen and was designed by the Italian architect David Rosa, who designed the hotel as if it were a woman’s body, with a head, trunk and limbs, and entry is through the head (since that’s the only way to convince a woman). Throughout the hotel we find some characteristics of a sexual tone but it is necessary to pay attention to the details because they are very subtle and it is necessary to look carefully, as is the case of the entrance lamps, which represent the union between man and woman. And even the entrance gate simulates a painting by the famous Matisse, where this connection between the sexes is very clear. This whole concept is a truly surprising work of art that encompasses different elements in the hotel and also involves other local artists with works and materials typical of Zanzibar.

When we arrive at our spacious suite, we are treated to a breathtaking view over the Indian Ocean, where the blue sky blends with the sea. Tastefully decorated in a neutral color scheme and traditional artwork, embracing the simplicity and serenity of the island lifestyle and a private balcony with panoramic sea views, we need nothing more! Essque Zalu suites have a maximum occupancy of three adults or two adults and two children. This ensures that these are the ideal destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway as well as families who don’t want to compromise on luxury.

During the day, there are many activities that can be carried out at the resort. We take the opportunity to breathe in the fresh ocean air and dive into the giant pool overlooking the sea, but we can also go diving, snorkeling, boat trips, fitness… or simply relax. Spa Zalu is a natural holistic sanctuary surrounded by the natural beauty of the island. We enjoy a Relaxing Massage, inspired by authentic African culture, but exclusive rituals such as the “Jozani Rain Forest” or the famous “Maasai Ritual” are also available.

Essque Zalu is also known for its excellent cuisine with a varied offer of local and international dishes and where we can even have a private cooking class based on spices and typical dishes from Zanzibar, a real must! When night falls, the hotel lights up in a romantic way, giving it a special beauty, the perfect setting for a private dinner by the pool, where we are treated to an abundance of seafood and fresh fish, dishes prepared with ingredients and local chefs who provide us with an incredible experience. At lunch, we head to the Jetty Bar & Restaurant, with the ocean waves in our company, a unique space for sharing, conviviality and contemplation. In the late afternoon, snacks and cocktails to watch a divine sunset. It’s moments like this that will stay forever in our memory and that we want to repeat.

By Carla Branco


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