Encanto by José Avillez

Encanto is a unique space, awarded a Michelin Star and with a 100% vegetarian tasting menu. Over 12 moments, we are transported to an enchanted world where seasonal products from small local producers reign. A project of excellence by chef José Avillez, an absolute reference in Portuguese and international gastronomy and a name that we associate with creativity and entrepreneurship.

Encanto reflects the creative personality of chef José Avillez and lives up to its name, which is why it is an exclusive haute cuisine space where vegetables are the stars – vegetables, flowers, leaves, seeds, seaweed or mushrooms – a swirl served carefully in a game of colors and textures that transport us to unforgettable flavors and surprising techniques. Incredible how vegetables can shine like this and be presented with such delicacy and sophistication.

Peanut satay with paprika and lemon; Spelt sourdough bread with smoked butter and sage ashes; Cusco from Trás-os-Montes with Atlantic seaweeds and hollandaise; Rice with black truffle and purslane or Eggplant Azevia with Pimentón de La Vera and lemon are some of the dishes served. We ended with two sweet moments: Rice pudding with amazake, strawberry, almond and jasmine and a Fundão cherry souffle with toasted pine nut ice cream, pine oil and tonburi. A brilliant menu throughout its execution and innovative approach. Also noteworthy is the selection of bio-dynamic wines that make up the eight moments Wine Pairing, perfect to the entire Tasting Menu.

I believe that the success of the restaurant Encanto by chef Avillez is not just limited to the cuisine, but also to its team and a strong passion and respect for Portuguese culture, combined with talent and dedication. That’s what we felt at every moment, Encanto is a paradise for food lovers in Lisbon. The contemporary decor, with touches of Portuguese tradition, creates a welcoming and refined atmosphere, combined with an excellent service where we are welcome with professionalism and friendliness and accompanied throughout the tasting. A comfort that cannot be explained, just felt at the highest level.

By Carla Branco

INFO: www.encantojoseavillez.pt

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