Teles Textiles – Elegance & Exclusivity

Teles Textiles is a company that manufactures and sells bed, table and bath linen for the hotel sector. Each piece contains raw materials  made in Portugal. You can feel the high quality and resistance of the textiles, with primacy in exclusivity and in articles made to measure the taste of each client.

An elegant way to create luxurious environments through a wide range of bedding where comfort is immediately felt. At EvoqueMag we know how important rest is and the warmth of a soft sheet or a microfiber pillow is crucial for a perfect night.

Varied colors and patterns that we cannot resist and can also find in the bath towels, with 100% cotton pieces, twisted yarn and single yarn, designed to provide maximum softness and absorption.

Teles Textiles is a dynamic company and is also dedicated to the development of interior and exterior decoration projects, whose knowledge in hospitality is crucial to develop spaces of remarkable sensitivity and exceptional good taste.


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