Federico – The Wine Pairing Experience

The Federico Restaurant, located in the Palácio Ludovice in Lisbon – Wine Experience Hotel – has something new that delights all lovers of this nectar: telling the “story” of Portuguese wines, from all the regions to the wine list that pays homage to the more than 350 grape varieties, and this also includes signature cocktails. The hotel has been reinforcing its experiences and one of the new features available at the Federico Restaurant is the Wine Pairing Menus, jointly created by Chef Ricardo Simões and Sommelier Miguel Ventura.

The Ludovice Palace courtyard is the starting point for this encounter of flavors. A lively space that recreates the old courtyards of Lisbon, where there is no shortage of conviviality and good times around the table. This is where food lovers and wine connoisseurs meet. The atmosphere at Federico’s is sophisticated and elegant but at the same time it’s a space where we feel good and comfortable.

In the next room, where there was once an old wine cellar, there is now a vibrant bar with a high level of service, worthy of a palace. The architecture is impressive, with an ancient brick vault, a signature counter from floor to ceiling and a wine cellar with wine decorative and architectural elements – a hand-drawn inspiration brought to life by the architect Miguel Câncio Martins. The cocktails are cosmopolitan and with very original music names, in a universe always alluding to wine: Smells Like Wine Spirit (Nirvana), Here Comes the Wine (Beatles) or Wine or Without You (U2).

In Federico’s kitchen, Chef Ricardo Simões is committed to “going back to basics”. Here, the focus is on local, quality ingredients. Authentic Portuguese cuisine and French classics merge. The Wine Pairing Menus unite two worlds that complement each other and can be tasted in three, four or six moments, combined with a guest wine brand. Among the proposals is Beet Tartare, Sea Bass Carpaccio, Duck Magret or Creme Brullée. The genuine flavors and complex textures of good traditional cuisine, perfected with French technique, come to life even more with Sommelier Miguel Ventura’s choices. Moments at the table that bring us good memories to be lived and that sharpen our senses to know more. 

By Carla Branco

INFO: www.palacioludovice.com

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