Emirates – From Lisbon to the world

Emirates today connects Lisbon to 152 destinations globally through its hub in Dubai. The company operates a modern fleet of 262 modern, efficient and comfortable aircraft. We highlight the iconic Airbus A380, the king of the air and of which the company is the main operator in the world with more than 100 units.

The company employs nearly 50.000 people directly, from 160 nationalities, which obviously makes it a global phenomenon. Under the motto #flybetter, Emirates reinforces its commitment to providing the best possible flight experience, being considered a global reference by its peers.

Last April, we flew with the company on the Lisbon-Dubai-Mauritius route, where we were again in contact with the fantastic Airbus A380, with spacious seats (the biggest we’ve ever seen in economy class), comfortable and depending on the configuration of the equipment we can have the bonus of flying upstairs. In the two-class configuration (Business and Economy), the Economy seats on the top deck are undoubtedly the best in commercial aviation today. With a 2-4-2 configuration, space and privacy are a reality as well as the absence of noise, unparalleled comfort! That was our case, the flights seemed shorter and we arrived ready to enjoy the best of the destinations we visited.

Meals continue to be a highlight on Emirates, good quality breakfast and lunch with good ingredients and choice. Omelettes, sandwiches with smoked charcuterie, excellent quality cheeses, bread and hot dishes where I always highlight the vegetable or chicken curry accompanied with rice. Anyone traveling with children always has a challenge with meals on board, but once again proof surpassed with distinction.

In terms of in-flight entertainment, the “ICE” system is unrivaled, having won the award for best entertainment on board 10 times in a row. The large 13.3-inch screens are loaded with over 4500 movies, shows, documentaries, games, various flight information and even live TV programmes, the options seem endless and make Emirates flights seem shorter with so much diversity and animation. Kids and adults love it and that’s exactly what we want.

In summary, regardless of the booking class we fly on Emirates, we are always guaranteed high performance, space, comfort and quality. The company is part of our trips and hopefully yours too!

By Edgar Correia

INFO: www.emirates.com

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